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Hamilton, Ontario - Canada's steel town and the stomping ground for the heavy metal cacophony, which is Solemn Oath. Dave (guitar, vocals) and Kevin  (bass, backup vocals) have been playing in club bands together since 1982, playing the gamut of cover tunes that all musicians must if they want to eat. After messing around in the studio with some original material in the 80's, Solemn Oath released their first cassette on October 31, 1994 .The band's line-up is rounded out by Rick (drums, backup vocals). The original music is influenced by "everybody who ever twanked on a guitar" according to Dave, though one can hear particular references to Metallica, Black Sabbath and Megadeth with a smattering of AC/DC thrown in. The music is heavy, yet not lacking in melodic anthem-like power. The lyrics tend towards the serious, yet there is an underlying satire. And yes, they're still at it....Still crazy after all these beers.


The year 2019 marked 25 years of Solemn Oath! Three guys with over a century of music experience between them. To celebrate, we are letting our fans (and non-fans, lol) , to download our music FREE, no charge. These are free for personal use only and may be shared amongst your friends at your discretion. All yours, no strings attached (kinda like my old

Thanks to all for your support over the years, you're the reason us old bastards keep rockin' (besides beer, women, etc. lol)


Cheers and Beers!


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